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Organic Dog Food 12 x 150 g Yarrah Wellness
Product Code: DGFDWT001   Brand: Dihoo Store
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Yarrah Organic Dog Food 12 x 150 g

Clear benefits of Yarrah products:

No use of genetically modified organisms
No use of herbicides and pesticides in the cultivation of the vegetable ingredients
No use of hormones in animal breeding
No addition of sugar or milk products
No addition of chemical colours, fragrances and flavourings

Only natural minerals and vitamins for preservation
Yarrah Wellness Pat contains a refined combination of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that give your dog vitality, defences, and a shiny coat.

Soy*, vegetables* (10% dried peas*, 2% dried carrots*), oils* and fats* (sunflower oil*), derivatives of vegetable origin* (lovage*), fruits* (0.2% rosehips*) and minerals .

*= from controlled organic cultivation / cultivation.

Food additives:
Vitamin A [retinol] (6,000 IU/kg), vitamin D2 [ergocalciferol] (500 IU/kg), vitamin E [DL-α-tocopherol acetate] (20 mg/kg), taurine (200 mg/kg) kg), L-carnitine (100 mg/kg), biotin (5 mcg/kg), vitamin B2 [riboflavin] (5 mg/kg), vitamin B6 [pyridoxine] (3 mg/kg), vitamin B12 [cyanocobalimin] (15 mcg/kg)

Trace elements:
Iodine [as potassium iodine] (0.3 mg/kg), zinc (as sulfate monohydrate) (10 mg/kg), manganese [as manganese oxide] (2 mg/kg), copper [as copper sulfate pentahydrate] (2 mg/kg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.03 mg/kg).
Analytical Files

rough eggwhite 8.0 %
raw fat 3.5%
raw fiber 0.6%
raw ash 2.0 %
carbohydrates 7.9%
calcium 0.2 %
phosphorus 0.1 %
magnesium 0.01 %
moisture 78.0 %
sodium 0.2 %
salt 0.49%
metabolisable energy 85.0 kcal

Feeding advice Yarrah Bio dog food is a complete food for dogs.
Weight of the dog Daily amount
3 kg 300g
7 kg 600g
12 kg 900g

Preferably serve at room temperature. Keep the opened dish in the refrigerator. Always have plenty of fresh drinking water ready for your dog.
Dietary recommendations are guidelines, the needs of the individual dog may differ.

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