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Beeztees Veggie Bar Mix 3 pieces of 18 cm
Product Code: DGSNCK002   Brand: Dihoo Store
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Beeztees Veggie Bar Mix at a glance:
Vegetarian chew snacks for dogs

Pure plant ingredients
Serrated shape: penetrates the spaces between the teeth
Brewer`s yeast: supports the skin and a shiny coat
Low protein and fat content t
Without preservatives
Only natural dyes
Brushing her/his teeth is no longer a problem with these vegetarian snacks!

Oral care is very important for both the owner and the dog. After tasty meals, food remains often remain between the teeth of your four-legged friend. If these are not removed, bad breath, gum disease, and even tooth loss can result.
Veggie Bar Mix can help your dog with oral care and prevent unpleasant consequences. The vegetarian snacks are plant-based and gluten-free and therefore have a low protein and fat content. As a result, they contain few calories and are easily digestible. In addition, they contain brewer`s yeast, which ensures healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny coat. In addition, the bars are free of preservatives and contain only natural dyes.
The serrated shape of the bars penetrates the spaces between your dog`s teeth. This allows the bars to remove feed residues. The delicious taste stimulates your four-legged friend to chew intensively, which in turn promotes oral hygiene.

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